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  Investigative Professionals LLC

   A Complete National Background Research and Screening Company
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Investigative Professionals LLC

Since 1994 Investigative Professionals LLC has conducted thorough background checks on individuals and for a range of business clients, including employers, property owners/managers, company executives, financial institutions, universities and law firms.

We are known in the background check business as Value Added Information Providers. We maintain long time relations with leading database brokers and employ professional database search personnel. We contract with on-site courthouse representatives nationwide, who are proficient at accessing pertinent records at all levels.

Investigative Professionals LLC performs employee background investigations that meet the most stringent requirements of local, state and federal government bid specifications.

Our clients are the beneficiaries of our access to the most extensive and current public records, proprietary databases, and all civil and criminal court records.

Business Members have a password-protected account on our secure server. It is fast and easy to enter applicant information. Reports are then compiled and posted to your encrypted account.

When engaging the services of Investigative Professionals, be confident our professional database search personnel will utilize all current investigative techniques in the process of compiling your background checks and business credit reports.

Background and business reports are routinely returned within a few hours of submission, almost always the same day.

Personal consultation is available by email or telephone. An assigned consultant will answer your questions and clarify procedures. If additional information is required, our consultant will work directly with you to obtain the data.

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