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Find Uniform Commercial Code filings from this quick easy-to-read report

What is a UCC filing?
A Uniform Commercial Code filing is a practice adopted by all states to govern commercial transactions. The UCC filings search results are usually liens between individuals and businesses (e.g., Mortgages, Equipment and vehicles)
When should I use a UCC search?
In many cases, debtors have liens associated with a commercial institution. This is great alternative for finding an individual. The individual's address is returned with any matching UCC filings. These addresses are frequently direct matches.
What sources are searched?
  • National Uniform Commercial Code Filings
What information is returned?
  • Debtor Name
  • Debtor Address
  • Filing State
  • Date Filed
  • Original Date
  • Original Number
  • Document Number
  • Legal Type
  • Secured Party's Name
  • Secured Party's Address
  • Secured Parties*
  • Debtor Parties*
  • Filings*
  • Collateral
*Only a count is returned with a search. The actual individual items are only on the UCC report