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   A Complete National Background Research and Screening Company
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Expert Compiled Complete Background Checks
Expert Assisted Packaged Reports Our Information Specialists have assembled for you the most comprehensive and up to date public records and proprietary databases to conduct any type of background check. Most reports only require that you have a full name and approximate age.

We offer free consultation by email and phone. As soon as we receive your request, a Search Consultant will be assigned to your case, to answer your questions, to provide clarification, and to advise you about obtaining additional information.

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Basic Background Check Complete Background $89  This Comprehensive Profile Report confirms a person's identity and provides the essential facts you need to know. You'll discover family members, spouses and live-ins. Determine personal assets, including real property and automobiles. Confirm professional licenses and business relationships. The Report includes national criminal records, eviction, and sex offender searches.  More Info> Details - Complete Background Package Sample -  Complete Background Package

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Extensive Profile Report Extensive Background $119  When you absolutely must know everything about a person's history for personal or professional reasons, our Expert Assisted Extensive Profile Report mines every potential records source. This is the most all-inclusive compiled report available anywhere. Our extensive background check includes a complete civil and criminal records search package - and so much more! More Info> Details - Extensive Background Package Sample -  Extensive Background Package

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Due Diligence Report Due Diligence  $199  When due diligence is a requirement, when everything one can possibly learn about a person is of prime importance, our Due Diligence Report searches every meaningful records source available, and includes three (3) County Civil and three (3) County Criminal hand searches. This is the most comprehensive and thoroughgoing background check available on the Internet. More Info Details - Due Diligence Package Sample - Due Diligence Package

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Employee Screening Employee Screening $89  Whether you are seeking to hire a specialist who will become a member of your staff, or a caregiver for your loved ones, this is the employee background check you need to run. We verify previous employment and education. We run several levels of criminal and civil records searches. Professional licenses are confirmed. Liens, bankruptcies, and judgment searches are included.  More Info Details - Employee Background Package Sample - Employee Background Package

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Tenant  Screening Tenant Screening $89  This custom designed tenant screening search and roommate check will help you determine the reliability of a potential renter or roommate. Previous addresses, landlords and roommates are revealed. We check civil court records for judgments and complaints. We search national and state criminal records databases, evictions databases, and sex offender databases. Moe Info> Details - Tenant Screening Package Sample -  Tenant Screening Package

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Assets Search Assets Search $119 This multiple database search for worldly goods is unmatched for comprehensiveness! It was developed to collect information about a person's real property - assets like land, homes, automobiles, boats, and aircraft. Family members are listed. Deed transfer records are searched. Business assets may be discovered in UCC filings. Search Specialists check all obtainable asset records.  More Info> Details - Assets Search Package Sample -  Assets Search Package

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Bank Search $199

Locate Bank Accounts, Financial Institutions and Trusts for Individuals & Companies
Investigative Professionals specializes in locating debtor assets, for attorneys and law firms, private Investigators, corporations, financial institutions, landlords and collection agencies.
More Info>
Details - Assets Search Package Sample -  Assets Search Package

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Criminal Records Criminal Background $79  Investigative Professional's Search Specialists will scrutinize county, state, and national databases to determine whether your subject has a criminal history. Skilled Records Retrievers, stationed at every county courthouse in the USA and very well acquainted with their court's records, will search all county criminal records files. Sex offender databases are also searched. More Info> Details - Criminal Background Package Sample -   Criminal Background Package

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Business Profile Report Business Profile $119    If you are considering a business relationship, you need to learn everything you can about the business in question. And you certainly need to know about the people who own the business. We tap the big national business databases and our court reps search county records for the lowdown on professional licenses, tax liens, judgments, and business assets. We report everything we learn to you. More Info> Details - Business Profile Package Sample -  Business Profile Package

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People Finder & Identifier Report $79
This unique combined People Report Report is a multiple database search, to identify your subject and to provide pertinent background information about the person in question.  The identity of family members, relatives, spouses and neighbors - the people most likely to know the about your subject are also returned. More Info>
Sample -  People Finder Package Details - Skip Tracing Package

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Credit Report $49 Check an individual's credit record to gain insight into credit and payment habits. Credit Bureaus reports provide current and previous employment, trade lines, collections, public records, child support history, and inquiry information. Details - Skip Tracing PackageSample - Employee Background Package

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